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my story

a one minute catch up.


My name is Joseph Parsons, and I appreciate the
fact you are here, taking a few minutes of your

valuable time to visit my website. For many of you, I’m sure it seems
your days are packed with things to do from

dusk to dawn, and I realize that your time is precious

so I am honored by your arrival here!

So, here is my one minute story.

I grew up in Wisconsin, graduated High School in the late
80's and attended college for a couple years as an Art
Major. I have been blessed with an artistic eye and the
hands to create from my parents and God. 

I am a kind-hearted smart ass, a bit of an audio snob, and a
"recovering" perfectionist.

Most of my years have been spent accidentally studying

to be the "Jack of All Trades", working in the audio/video
industry doing home, mobile and business installation,
sales and customer service. I also spent a few years in both coin-operated games & music as well as in automotive accessories.

From all that, I have learned I have an excellent eye for detail,

an "old school" work ethic, and what it takes to do things "right".

I have spent the better part of 20 years living without real
intention or purpose. A few years ago after a rather severe
illness that landed me in the hospital for a week, I re-
examined where I was at in my life and realized I really
hadn’t been living with any real goals.

Over the next few months, I found the path that led me on
this journey. I came across some of my old artwork and
designs from the early 1990's. Enter my "Ah-ha" moment.
My new mission was to start a business guided by

my creativity.

So how do you do that?

I’m glad you asked!

Step one. Learn everything you can.

Theodore Roosevelt once said

"Do what you can, with what you have, where
you are." and for the last couple years I have done
precisely that.

Step two. Do something you have never done before.

In January of 2015 I launched my first Kickstarter project.
(if you want to see it, click here) While I didn’t get all the
funding I had hoped for, I gained valuable experience and
knowledge, and have plans for another in the near future.

Step three. Build on everything you have learned and go.

The heart and soul of Jalido is to explore new and exciting
ways to add artist created designs into thoughtfully
designed products for your home or business.

Success is inevitable, knowing the path Jalido will take to
get there is the only mystery.

"The two most important days in your life are the day you
are born and the day you find out why"

I believe we all have a calling. To do something, to make
something and to be something. More than likely, that
something has always been there. I wish for everyone to be
blessed enough to recognize what is possible when you
focus, learn, follow and fight to be more than what you are now.

May God bless you this year and the years to come with
great wisdom and great compassion.
Thank you for taking time to read this, it means a lot to me...

- Joe

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